Fast-responding pressure-sensitive paints for unsteady flow measurements
M Kameda

Imaging buoyancy driven flows
A W Woods, N Mingotti, S Rocco, C Caulfield, D van Sommeren

Under-expanded Impinging Supersonic Jet Flow
J Soria and O Amili

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PSFVIP 10-20
Flow Visualization Around Airfoils
V Sivadas, R Rajagopalan, S Rajesh, S Suddapally, S Muralidharan, G Venkatesan

PSFVIP 10-62
Drag reduction of heavy vehicles using boat tails
E J Lee and S J Lee

PSFVIP 10-73
A New Analytical Approach to Improving the Aerodynamic Performance of the Gyromill Wind Turbine
E Ejiri, T Iwadate

PSFVIP 10-103
PIV measurements in the wake of two circular cylinders in tandem configuration with ground effect
M Raiola, A Ianiro, S Discetti

PSFVIP 10-111
Experimental study of the unsteady aerodynamics during flapping flight of birds: European Starling, Western Sandpiper and American Robin
J M Segreto, A J Kirchhefer, E E Hackett, C G Guglielmo, G A Kopp, R Gurka

PSFVIP 10-113
Investigation of the Sensitivity of the Boundary Layer to DRE on Rotor Blade
M Wang, H Zhong, X Yang, R Zhao

PSFVIP 10-115
On the Effectiveness of Leading-Edge Modifications upon Cambered SD7032 Wings
T H New, Z Y Wei, Y D Cui

PSFVIP 10-198
The Vortex Field Behind A Single And Tandem Flapping Airfoil
D S Nobes, M Bussiere and C. R Koch

PSFVIP 10-207
High-speed measurements of different laminar-turbulent transition phenomena on rotor blades by means of infrared thermography and stereoscopic PIV
D Traphan, P Meinlschmidt, F Schlüter, O Lutz, J Peinke, G Gülker

PSFVIP 10-210
Experimental analysis of the flow field on a hammerhead fairing satellite launch vehicle in transonic regime using Pressure Sensitive Paint (PSP)
A C Avelar, J B P Falcão Filho, J G Medeiros, G M Romero

PSFVIP 10-236
Experimental investigation of boundary layer transition on rotating cones in axial flow in 0 and 35 degrees angle of attack
A Kargar, K Mansour

PSFVIP 10-241
A novel analysis of oil-film flow visualisations on swept wings
S Zhang and J T Turner

PSFVIP 10-249
Trapped vortex cell for aeronautical applications: flow analysis through PIV and Wavelet transform tools
S Sedda, C Sardu, D Lasagna, G Iuso, R S Donelli, F De Gregorio

PSFVIP 10-260
Flow visualization of swept wing boundary layer transition
J Serpieri, M Kotsonis

PSFVIP 10-272
Stereoscopic PIV Study of a Simplified Landing Gear Model
E Salt, M Arežina, J Lepore, S Ziada

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Biological Flows

PSFVIP 10-99
Specific nanotargeting of bovine Y-chromosome 1 bearing sperm
R Mancini, L Gamrad, D Werner, D Tiedemann, U Taylor, C Rehbock, S Klein , W Kues, S Barchikowsky and D Rath

PSFVIP 10-128
Visualization of blood flow in carotid artery stenting with endovascular Doppler optical coherence tomography imaging and computational fluid dynamic modeling
B Vuong, H Genis, R Wong, J Ramjist, J Jivraj, C Sun, V X D Yang

PSFVIP 10-192
Establishment of a flow-chamber system for the investigation of biofilm formation on implant surfaces
H Rath, N Stumpp, M Stiesch

PSFVIP 10-231
Visualization of Near Surface Flow of Endothelial Cells based on Confocal Micro-PIV and Super-resolution Microscopy
K Mogi, Y Sugii

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Environmental Flows

PSFVIP 10-68
Effect of Dispersed Particles on Buoyant Plumes in Stratified Environments
H N Mirajkar, S Balasubramanian

PSFVIP 10-167
Laboratory simulations of local winds in the atmospheric boundary layer via image analysis
A Cenedese, M Giorgilli, M Moroni

PSFVIP 10-185
Image processing applied to characterize the denser gravity current propagates over rigid surface into lighter fluid
D I Ahmed, N Latrache, B Nsom

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Heat and Mass Transfer

Efficiency of energy deposition of a ns-DBD plasma actuator
F Avallone, G Correale

PSFVIP 10-27
Thermal fluid flow transport characteristics in nanofluid jet array impingement
C Senkal, S Torii

PSFVIP 10-45
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics across a Rotating Circular Cylinder Dissipating Uniform Heat Flux by Crossflow
O M H Fatla, G F Smaisim, A Valera-Medina, A M Rageb, N Syred

PSFVIP 10-54
Flow visualization for a natural convection in a horizontal layer of water over a heated smooth and grooved surfaces
S Subudhi, J H Arakeri

PSFVIP 10-134
Quantitative Visualization of Transient Heat Transfer of Oblique Impinging Jet Using Thermographic Phosphor
M Kim, D Kim, S J Yi, H D Kim, K C Kim

PSFVIP 10-152
Impinging jets with fractal grids: heat transfer and flow topology
S Discetti , G Cafiero, T Astarita

PSFVIP 10-199
A 3D flow visualization in evaporation of water from a meniscus at low pressures
M A Kazemi, J A. W. Elliott and D Nobes

PSFVIP 10-225
An experimental study on the onset of the horizontal convection
C Sanmiguel, T Astarita, G M Carlomagno, S Discetti, A Ianiro

PSFVIP 10-244
Thermal Performance Analysis of a Downhole Coaxial Heat Exchanger for an Enhanced Geothermal System
T V Pham, T-S Sheu, H Ay, H-K Ma

PSFVIP 10-277
Thermal Imaging Heat Flux Transferred Working Fluid in Heat Pipes by Infrared Camera
P Nemec, M Malcho

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High Speed Flows

PSFVIP 10-55
Visualizing the flow through a supersonic gaseous ejector using Planar Laser Mie Scattering
S K Karthick, M V Srisha Rao, G Jagadeesh, K P J Reddy

PSFVIP 10-121
Treatment and visual analysis of numerical simulation of supersonic flows with extensive output after parallel calculation
B Rybakin, V Goryachev

PSFVIP 10-124
Method of optical tracking to determine forces on free flying models in hypersonic flow
J M Schramm

PSFVIP 10-151
Cylindrical shock waves investigation, produced by pulse discharge
I Doroschenko, I Ivanov, A Kuznetsov, I Mursenkova and I Znamenskaya

PSFVIP 10-153
PIV investigation of low-pressure pulse discharge flow
I A Znamenskaya, F Glazyrin, E Koroteeva, D Naumov

PSFVIP 10-191
PIV measurements of shock wave interaction in continuous operated supersonic wind tunnel
Yu H Ganiev, Yu M Lipnitskiy, S E Filippov, V A Kozlovskiy, A V Krasilnikov, D M Markovich, O A Gobyzov, Yu A Lozhkin, I E Ivanov

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Image Processing

PSFVIP 10-42
Experimental Characterization of Straw Jets via Image Processing Techniques
M A Mendez and J-M Buchlin

PSFVIP 10-43
Image processing to study the evolution of channel slope and water depth in bimodal sediment mixtures
H Lafaye de Micheaux, A Dudill, P Frey, C Ducottet

PSFVIP 10-77
Measuring 3D Droplet Shape and local Slope using Interferometry and ContinuousWavelet Transforms
S Dehaeck, Y Tsoumpas, P Colinet

PSFVIP 10-211
Particle image depth measurement by using an entry model plenoptic camera
K Ohmi, S Tuladhar, A Sultan

PSFVIP 10-258
High-speed films of pathological vocal folds and stiffness of the vocal folds
M Pedersen, M K Eeg , A Jønsson and B H Akram

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Large coherent structures in fractal jets
G Cafiero, S Discetti and T Astarita

Vortex topology and dynamics in swirling jets
F Scarano, A Ianiro, K P Lynch, G Cardone

PSFVIP 10-58
Spatial and temporal distribution of a pulsed jet in cross-flow - Experimental validation of mixing efficiency predictions by CFD
S Puttinger, G Wierink, S Pirker

PSFVIP 10-61
Visualization of subsonic to supersonic flows processes in explosive volcanic eruptions
J Taddeucci

PSFVIP 10-102
Flow patterns in a round jet impinging at short nozzle-to-plate distance
A Ianiro, K P Lynch, G Cardone, F Scarano

PSFVIP 10-144
Flow field characteristic of high Reynolds impinging synthetic jets
C S Greco, G Cardone and J Soria

PSFVIP 10-145
Investigation on the flow field of a monopole, dipole and quadrupole synthetic jets
G Paolillo, C S Greco and G Cardone

PSFVIP 10-189
3D Dynamics of Vortex Structures in a Quasi Two-dimensional Jet
M V Shestakov, M P Tokarev, D M Markovich

PSFVIP 10-264
Effects of Nozzle Geometry on Characteristics of 3D Surface Attaching Jets
M S Rahman, B Nyantekyi-Kwakye, M F Tachie

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PSFVIP 10-49
Estimating Response Time of Polymer/Ceramic Pressure Sensitive Paint
A Pandey, J W Gregory

PSFVIP 10-116
Experimental investigation of thermal flow in asymmetric micro pulsating heat exchanger using LIF technique
Y B Kim, J Sung, M H Lee

PSFVIP 10-131
Simultaneous measurement of velocity and temperature field of high temperature jet using thermographic phosphor particles
D Kim, S J Yi, H D Kim, K C Kim

PSFVIP 10-227
Characterization of a Distorted Transonic Compressor Flow using Dual-Luminophore Pressure-Sensitive Paint
M Bitter, F Wartzek, S Übelacker, H-P Schiffer, C J Kähler

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Micro/Nano Flows

PSFVIP 10-132
Newtonian and non- Newtonian flows through micro scale orifices
S Ansari, Md A I Rashid, P R Waghmare, Y Ma and D Nobes

PSFVIP 10-133
Capillary filling of Non-Newtonian fluids
Md A I Rashi, S Ansari, P R Waghmare, D Nobes

PSFVIP 10-135
Visualization of the viscous effects of non-Newtonian fluids flowing in mini-channels
S Ansari, Md A I Rashid, O Chatterjee, P R Waghmare,Y Ma and D Nobes

PSFVIP 10-137
Visualization of bubble behavior under ultrasonic excitations
S Lee, G H Sung, J Sung and M H Lee

PSFVIP 10-158
Experimental investigation of immiscible liquids flow in a T-shaped microchannel
A Yagodnitsyna, A Kovalev, A Bilsky

PSFVIP 10-209
Three-dimensional Flow Measurement around Micro-obstacles in a Water by Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscopy and Refractive Indexmatching Method
S Satake, N Unno, S Nakata, J Taniguchi

PSFVIP 10-234
Study of liquid flow in the T-shape channel with the side wall fluctuation
Y Pang, Z M Liu

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Multiphase Flow/Droplets

PSFVIP 10-51
Liquid spray controlled by piezo-electric synthetic jet
M Chiatto, M Costa, L de Luca, L Marchitto, G Valentino

PSFVIP 10-60
Flow Visualization in engraved champagne tasting glasses
F Beaumont, G Liger-Belair, G Polidori

PSFVIP 10-79
Evaluation of Droplet Evaporation in Gasoline Sprays by Differential Infrared Thermography
H Golzke, P Leick, A Dreizler

PSFVIP 10-81
Impact phenomena of drops of aqueous polymer solution on hot solid
H Fujimoto, K Hamano,T Hama, H Takuda

PSFVIP 10-87
Digital In-Line Holography for the 3D-vizualization of inclusions in a droplet
S Coëtmellec, D Pejchang, W Wichitwong, D Allano, G Gréhan, D Lebrun, M Brunel

PSFVIP 10-95
Schlieren/Mie-Scattering Images of a High-Volatility Fluid Impacting on a Heated Surface: Liquid/Vapor Phase Detection
L Allocca, M Lazzaro, G Meccariello, A Montanaro

PSFVIP 10-104
Collapse of a Taylor bubble at free surface: An experimental investigation
A K Das, B K Rana, P Kumar Das

PSFVIP 10-110
Spray Visualization of Alternative Aviation Turbine Fuel embedded with Metallic Nanoparticles
A Yamine, K Kannaiyan, R Sadr

PSFVIP 10-130
Visualization Study on Dynamic Behaviors of Two Droplets Impinging onto Hot Plate
C Hyun Lee, K Chun Kim

PSFVIP 10-136
Turbulence statistics in solid-liquid flow using a refractive index matching and particle image velocimetry technique
Y K Agrawal, R Shokri, R. Sea Sanders, D S Nobes

PSFVIP 10-142
Experimental and Computational Study on Drainage Flow in Rain Gutters of Buildings
E Ejiri, Y Oishi, K Iijima

PSFVIP 10-162
Study of bubbles entrapment by gas-sheared liquid film using BB-LIF technique
D B Hann, A V Cherdantsev, B J Azzopardi

PSFVIP 10-163
Interrelationships between stream morphology and rheological response for multiphase systems based on polymer matrices
V Kulichikhin, A Semakov

PSFVIP 10-171
Optical characterizations of falling droplets interacting with shock wave
P R Slangen, P Lauret, L Aprin, F Heymes, N Lecysyn

PSFVIP 10-172
Hydrodynamic investigations of bubbly flow in periodic open cellular structures by ultrafast X-ray tomography
M Wagner, J Zalucky, M Bieberle, U Hampel

PSFVIP 10-179
Ultrafast X-ray computed tomography for phase distribution and velocity measurements in multiphase flows
M Bieberle, M Wagner, F Barthel, S Rabha, M Banowski, U Hampel

PSFVIP 10-187
Visualization and simulation of physical phenomena in the aircraft icing process
I A Amelyushkin

PSFVIP 10-253
Evaluation of gas-liquid two-phase flow in a large pipe using Wire-Mesh Sensor
T Kanai, M Furuya, T Arai, Y Nishi

PSFVIP 10-256
Visualization of liquid droplets on a transparent horizontal surface
I N Pavlov, I L Raskovskaya, B S Rinkevichyus, A V Tolkachev

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Numerical Flow Visualization

PSFVIP 10-28
Pulsating Flow in a planar diffuser upstream of automotive catalyst monoliths: A CFD study
S J Porter, M Saul, A K Mat Yamin, S Aleksandrova, S F Benjamin, H J Medina

PSFVIP 10-47
Bypass transition in the narrow sense visualized using very-large-scale direct numerical simulation
X Wu

PSFVIP 10-52
Numerical visualization of nappe oscillation
M Girfoglio, F De Rosa, G Coppola, L de Luca

PSFVIP 10-82
Flow Separation Control of Marine Propeller Blades through Tubercle Modifications
I H Ibrahim, T H New

PSFVIP 10-83
Nonlinear shape evolution of immiscible two-phase interface
F Capuano, G Coppola, L de Luca

PSFVIP 10-212
Visualization of cavity flow for various guide grill shapes on a sound absorbing board
H Bae, H Lee, J Sung and M Lee

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Optical Methods

PSFVIP 10-76
Visualising and Quantifying Vapour Clouds with Interferometry
S Dehaeck, A Rednikov, P Colinet

PSFVIP 10-89
Interferometric out-of-focus imaging of irregular rough particles: from the estimation of their sizes to the determination of morphological properties
M Brunel, S Gonzalez Ruiz, J Jacquot, L Ouldarbi, S Coëtmellec, G Gréhan, J van Beeck

PSFVIP 10-92
Digital holographic interferometry and dynamic speckle as methods to determine the drying time of paints
F Vincitorio, C Mulone, J Gervasoni, N. Budini, C. Freyre, C. Böhm, A. Böhm, A. Ramil, A.J. Lopez

PSFVIP 10-94
Simultaneous 3D location and size measurement of bubbles and irregular sand particles using interferometric out-of-focus imaging
L Ouldarbi, H Shen, G Perret, S Coëtmellec, G Gréhan, D Lebrun, M Brunel

PSFVIP 10-101
Some advantages of shear interferometry for gas-dynamic investigations
S I Inshakov, S I Klimentyev, A Yu.Rodionov, V N Shekhtman

PSFVIP 10-105
Visualization of Convective Structures by Methods of the Hilbert Optics and Phase-Shift Interferometry
Yu N Dubnishchev, V A Arbuzov, E V Arbuzov, V S Berdnikov, O S Melekhina, and E O Shlapakova

PSFVIP 10-118
Investigation of deformation fields in aircraft panels by non-contact optical videogrammetry method
K Kopoteva

PSFVIP 10-148
Diagnostics of Boundary Layer Transition by Shear Stress Sensitive Liquid Crystals
E Shapoval

PSFVIP 10-154
Airflow visualization during research of large scale vortex flows
A Zamyatin, M Grigorev, V Rogozin, A Zhelannikov

PSFVIP 10-161
Design of a Schlieren system for low enthalpy hypersonic flow visualization in GHIBLI facility and development of image processing and quantitative analysis codes with preliminary application to sonic free jet
C Purpura, E Trifoni, S Carletta, F D'Auria, F P Barrera

PSFVIP 10-174
Quantitative monitoring of pulsatile flow using of particle image velocimtery and laser speckle
M Nemati, G B Loozen, N van der Wekken, H P Urbach, S Kenjeres, N. Bhattacharya

PSFVIP 10-176
Visualization of the aerodynamic vortices by Background Oriented Schlieren
S I Inshakov, N M Skornyakova, A Yu Poroykov, D G Sychev

PSFVIP 10-177
A New Methodology Based On Infrared Thermography And Numerical Modelling For The Conservation Of Historical Buildings
G Cadelano, P Bison, A Bortolin, G Ferrarini, M Gava, F Peron

PSFVIP 10-180
Development of a 3D Particle Tracking Velocimetry method and its associated Python-coded software for image processing
K Laurent, M Barthès, V Lepiller, Y Bailly

PSFVIP 10-182
Videogrammetry methods in experimental aerodynamics
V Kulesh

PSFVIP 10-203
Particle Image Characteristics in Digital Holographic Particle Image Velocimetry and their Application in Three Dimensional High Speed Flow Measurements
C Hesseling, T Homeyer, J Peinke, G Gülker

PSFVIP 10-214
2d infrared imaging at different wavelengths to characterize cycle-to-cycle variation of the combustion process in a Diesel engine
E Mancaruso, L Sequino, B M Vaglieco

PSFVIP 10-223
Study of a co-flowing hot jet: an application of direct 3DBOS technique in research wind tunnel
D Donjat, F Nicolas, A Plyer, F Micheli, P Cornic, G Le Besnerais, F Champagnat, Y Le Sant, J-M Deluc

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PSFVIP 10-10
Interfusing Processes Visualization of Unequigranular Water Droplets Flow and High-Temperature Gases Flow at the Conditions of Intensive Phase Change
G V Kuznetsov, P A Strizhak, R S Volkov, M V Zabelin, A O Zhdanova

PSFVIP 10-14
PIV 3-Dimensional Measurements of The Volume Flow Field in Pump Sump
L Chao and L Haojie

PSFVIP 10-34
Velocity measurements within an elbow type draft tube of a Kaplan turbine
K Amiri, B Mulu, M Raisee, M Cervantes

PSFVIP 10-44
An inverse problem solution for post-processing of PIV data
W Stryczniewicz

PSFVIP 10-53
PIV study of the flow across the meridional plane of rotating cylinders with wide gap
D S Adebayo, A Rona

PSFVIP 10-74
Two dimensional multiscale PIV measurements within a three-phase bubble column with dual aeration plug system
B König, S Puttinger, S Pirker

PSFVIP 10-78
Surface reflection of 3D scour models in Particle-Image-Velocimetry experiments
U Schuster, D Quosdorf, K Ritter, M Manhart

PSFVIP 10-80
Measurement and Visualization of Oscillatory Flow in a Thermoacoustic Engine using PIV
K Kuzuu, S Hasegawa

PSFVIP 10-90
Improved and robust universal PIV/PTV outlier detection in the presence of clusters
A Masullo, R Theunissen

PSFVIP 10-96
A Canonical Experiment Comparing Tomographic and Plenoptic PIV
E A Deem, D Agentis, F Nicolas, L N Cattafesta, T Fahringer, B Thurow

PSFVIP 10-122
An Experimental Study on the Flow Visualization in Rapidly Mixed Tubular Flame Burners of Various Swirl Numbers
B Shi, J Hu, N Wang, S Ishizuka

PSFVIP 10-175
Closed-loop control of shear flows using real-time PIV
E Varon, N Gautier, J-L Aider

PSFVIP 10-186
Free Surface Instabilities in a Model Unbaffled Bioreactor
I Pieralisi,G Montante, V Vallini, A Paglianti

PSFVIP 10-245
Flow characteristics around a vortex flow meter via CFD and PIV methods
M Ozgoren, S Yagmur, S Dogan, M H Aksoy, E Canli, I Goktepeli

PSFVIP 10-247
Experimental Observation and CFD Prediction of Flow Mixing in a Rod Bundle with Mixing-vane Spacer Grid
W K In, C H Shin, D S Oh, T H Chun

PSFVIP 10-254
Flow Visualization and analysis by PIV Measurement System using Microbubbles as Tracer in Ship Model Basin - Measurement in Still Water and Regular Waves.
H Ohba, K Hoshino, M Tsujimoto, M Kuroda

PSFVIP 10-255
Generated Flow in Fluid Medium by Focused Ultrasound: Acoustic Streaming PIV Measurements
R B Haj Slama, B Gilles, M Ben Chiekh, J-C Béra

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Reactive Flows/Combustion

High-Speed Visualization of Coal Particles Ignition Process Stages in the Low-Temperature Oxidizer Flow
D O Glushkov, P A Strizhak, K Yu Vershinina, O V Vysokomornaya

PSFVIP 10-140
Visualization for local flame quenching recovery mechanism by vortex interaction
Y Yahagi, Y Fujikawa, N Kotake, I Makino

PSFVIP 10-141
Experimental Characterization of a Laboratory Flame through "Time-Resolved High-Resolution Optical Emission Spectroscopy"
M Contino, E Marenna

PSFVIP 10-157
From spherical expanding flames to laminar burning properties: a step-by-step analysis
V Moccia, J D'Alessio, N Rispoli

PSFVIP 10-168
Observations on the mixing process between an inner cold air stream and an outer swirling tubular flame stream
J Hu, B Shi, D Shimokuri, S Ishizuka

PSFVIP 10-226
Investigation of the flow structure in a cyclonic configuration for MILD Combustion processes
G Sorrentino, P Sabia, M de Joannon, A Cavaliere, R Ragucci

PSFVIP 10-246
Use of Spontaneous Chemiluminescence to determine the laminar burning velocity of syngas/methane mixtures
A A Amell, C E Arrieta, F E Cano

PSFVIP 10-269
Simultaneous High-Speed Tomography and Schlieren Measurements of Spherically Expanding Methane/Air Flames
J Beeckmann, E Varea, A Berens, B Renou, H Pitsch

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Turbulent Flow

PSFVIP 10-21
Formation of turbulent superstructures in Rayleigh-Bénard convection
C Resagk, C Kästner, M Körner

PSFVIP 10-25
Visualization of Shear Layers in Compound Channel Flows
S Mulahasan, T Stoesser and F Alvarez

PSFVIP 10-109
Diurnal Change of Wall Flows and Energy Balance on the South Facing Wall When Background Wind is Absent
Y Fan,Y Li, J Hang, K Wang

PSFVIP 10-126
Melting of Ice Spheres in Nearly Isotropic Turbulence With Zero Mean
H Stapountzis, T-G Dimitriadis, K Giourgas, K Kotsanidis

PSFVIP 10-147
Visualization Study on Drag Reduction Mechanism of FDR-SPC (Frictional Drag Reduction Self-Polishing Copolymer)
I Lee , H Park, H H Chun

PSFVIP 10-159
Thermographic analysis of turbulent non-isothermal water boundary layer
I A Znamenskaya, E Y Koroteeva, A M Novinskaya, V I Fomichev

PSFVIP 10-178
PIV/PLIF measurements in non-reacting flow of a GT-burner at realistic flow rates
L M Chikishev , A S Lobasov, D K Sharaborin, O A Gobyzov, V M Dulin, A V Bilsky, V V Tsatiashvili, V G Avgustinovich, D M Markovich

PSFVIP 10-183
Visualizations of critical point topology in the skin-friction field of near-wall turbulence
C Brücker

PSFVIP 10-195
Turbulent transport measurements for a GT mixing device
O A Gobyzov, V M Dulin, L M Chikishev, A S Lobasov, D K Sharaborin, A V Bilsky, V V Tsatiashvili, V G Avgustinovich, D M Markovich

PSFVIP 10-200
Experimental validation of a CFD algorithm for controlled flow distribution
G Boutin

PSFVIP 10-240
Variable Viscosity Jets: Entrainment and Mixing Process
L Voivenel, E Varea, L Danaila, B Renou, M Cazalens

PSFVIP 10-257
Roughness effects on a wall bounded turbulent flow sub-layer
G M Di Cicca, M Onorato

PSFVIP 10-266
Characteristics of Orifice Jets at Low Reynolds Numbers
S S Aleyasin and M F Tachie

PSFVIP 10-21
Formation of turbulent superstructures in Rayleigh-Bénard convection
C Resagk, C Kästner, M Körner

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PSFVIP 10-23
An adaptive wavelet approach for joint EEG-fMRI data
X Yu, X Zhao, L Yao

PSFVIP 10-40
Using Electrical Resistance Tomography Images to Analyze the Batch and Continuous-Flow Mixing of Pseudoplastic Fluids Possessing Yield Stress in the Agitated Tanks
D Patel, F Ein-Mozaffari, M Mehrvar

PSFVIP 10-71
Effects of helical strakes on the vortex-induced vibration over a thermowell in a pipe flow
S Chun, B-R Yoon, Y-B Lee, K Sool Gam, H-M Choi

PSFVIP 10-238
Flow Visualisation of a Multilayer Slide Coating Flow
H Benkreira, R P Alpin

PSFVIP 10-248
Visualization of Distribution of Shear Stress due to Water Vortex Flow with SSLCC
S Okazaki, T Ezure, H Ohshima, Z Kawara, T Yokomine, T Kunugi

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